A View from Space – the Earth Looks Real

earthFromSpaceHey GirlMoguls, it’s earth girl Poppy here, and we’re celebrating Earth Day here all month.  Today we’re going to talk about environmentalism.  Maybe you’ve heard that word – basically it means people or things people do to take better care of the Earth.   Not too long ago, not many people thought about the earth or worried that human activities could harm it – most people just thought we could do whatever we wanted to the Earth and it would be fine.   Well we know now that’s not true.  But do you know what really started to change people’s minds?  A picture.

Yup – when the first astronauts brought back pictures of earth from space people began to view the earth as a living, breathing – and delicate ball of blue and green.  Suddenly the earth was seen as a beautiful and living thing that needed us to look out for it.  So here are some of our pictures of this great blue ball that more than 6 billion people (not to mention animals) call home… it’s a truly unique place and so far there’s no other place like it in the whole universe – which means if we mess it up – we have no place to go.

GirlMogul Poppy
GirlMogul Poppy

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  1. edwin says

    IN a geography class i was told the earth is spherical but i don agree with them since the photos shows that the earth is circle shape!!

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