Win Nature Girl

Win a copy of Nature Girl
Win a copy of Nature Girl

In honor of Earth Day, we’re giving away a copy of Nature Girl a hilarious story about what happens when Megan, a total city girl gets lost in the woods of Vermont and instead of turning around and heading home, decides to keep hiking – all the way to Connecticut to find her best friend and civilization.  With only trusty dog for her companion, will Megan survive her time in the wild?  Will she be scared off by crazy critters?  Will she make it back to civilization, or will she find that “Nature” isn’t as uncool as she thinks? 

To win your copy, tell us your favorite thing about the great outdoors in the comments below – we’ll pick one lucky winner and send you a copy of the book.   Enjoy!

GirlMogul Poppy
GirlMogul Poppy

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  1. I like going on hikes through the woods with my boyfriend. He’s not afraid to go off the beaten path with me, so we end up seeing a lot of cool things.

  2. No matter the season I always feel refreshed from going outside. My favorite thing about the outdoors is the fresh clean scent that can be smelled especially in the spring! 🙂

  3. i love going outdoors and enjoying the sprinklers in my favorite park. IT;s soooo much fun and on a hot day the water is the best idea.

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