Meet Lily — GilrMogul's Money Chick

Hi, my name is Lily.  I live in suburb of Carson City with my Mom who is a real estate agent and my Dad who works at a bank.  He travels a lot for work, so during the week, it’s mostly me and my mom.  And my Auntie who watches me if my mom needs to run out and meet with a client.  I’m 11 and I go to the Carson Heights School.  Mostly I like school.  I like Math better than history or reading, but every subject is ok.  Sometimes I just don’t understand what all these stuff in books has to do with everyday life.
I mean my mom loves to read, but I don’t see her reading textbooks.  My mom says I have to do well in school so I can go on and be something someday. Not sure I get what being something.  I mean what do I want to be?  
Abby says not to worry, that I will figure it out, and that being a GirlMogul will help me figure it out.

Stayed tuned.  Abby says I am going to have some homework to write more about. She says it will be fun and I will like it.  Ha – we will see. I am going to go read a magazine.

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