Note to Parents

The Parent Note
This is a note to all parents. is a company and site founded by Andrea Stein, a mother.  The concept for GirlMogul began when I was buying clothes for my niece and then my own baby girl.  Everything was for a princess.   And it didn’t seem to get any better as they got older.  Do I really want my daughter to grow up to become Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton?  Not at all.
So I started to think.  The phrase GirlMogul popped into my head and it took awhile to take its present shape.  At first I thought that there was a need for financial education for kids, especially girls.  Well there is, and there are a lot of sources for it.  Then I thought about how when I was little I wanted to do it all – magazine editor, publisher, star athlete, astronaut, explorer, secret agent, detective and explored.  I loved reading fact and fiction books about great adventures, mysteries, nature and history.
And slowly the idea of the GirlMoguls came to me.  Instead of t-shirt that said Future Princess on it, how about one that said Future Rocket Scientist.  And so the girls grew into the four characters, Lily, Rose, Daisy and Poppy.   A website was born, so too were some designs and t-shirts.  And soon a book! is meant to be the home of the GirlMoguls, a safe place for girls 6-12 to learn, explore and share their interests, talents and dreams.  We hope you will sit and stay, explore our resource pages.  We hope you will read the adventures of the Girls as they do really neat things and learn that the future is limitless. 
We hope you might buy a t-shirt from our partner Café Press to help support the site and combat the Princess Brigade.
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