Why do people wear big sunglasses & other fashion questions?

Hello! I wanted to share with you all today about a new area or business that I think is interesting. I have been developing an interest in fashion. I don’t just mean what kind of t-shirt and jeans I’m putting on. I mean I am taking an interest in how things actually get started. For example, who came up with the idea to wear huge sunglasses that cover half your face? Who decided it was a good idea to only wear white pants during the summer? I was thinking about these questions and realized that people in the fashion world, ones like designers and magazine editors, make a living on being creative and thinking of what direction to take the fashion world in. It’s cool to think of clothing almost as a canvas, where someone can “paint” an idea with clothing! That is basically what these people do. Designers use their creative and knowledge to create clothing like pieces of art. I think a quote from Meryl Streep’s character, Miranda, in The Devil Wears Prada sums up the way fashion affects everyone, where she explains to the assistant Andy that when Andy picks out a blue sweater in the morning, it is not just blue. The blue of the sweater is actually a color called cerulean, one which a designer showed in 2002. After, another designer showed it on the runway, then onto to more shows. After that, it showed in department stores and malls across the country. When Andy laughs at how seriously Miranda takes picking out clothes for an issue of a magazine, Miranda states, “that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs and so it’s sort of comical how you think that you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you’re wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room. From a pile of stuff.”
Furthermore, the quote from the movie, based on the book The Devil Wears Prada, proves that fashion includes jobs from all walks of life. I was shocked to find out that all kinds of jobs are used in the fashion world, and everyone contributes- from the engineers compiling digital images for magazines like Vogue, to marketing and advertising agents who have to be really creative and come up with ideas to advertise new clothing every season from the same designer. It’s cool to me to think that I can be a savvy businesswoman, but still be involved in something that I have an interest in, like fashion. Ultimately, designers have businesses. Therefore, fashion boils down to business. Even these businesses need CEO’s and consultants, and maybe, one day, I will be one of them. Being a strong businesswoman can apply to all types of areas in the job market, even those in big fashion brands. I hope to continue my interest by actually making some things on my own, and I will post about them. So keep checking back, as I start some new “Do It Yourself” posts in fashion!
Do you have any great do it yourself fashion ideas? Let me know with a comment below!

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