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Hi, everyone, it’s me Lily Again.  I just wanted let you know I have been doing research in my role as the Money Chick.  I found some great sites and books to help you find out more about how to save money, manage your allowance and even start a business.  I am just brimming with great ideas that I am going to go share with the other GirlMoguls, but I wanted to put this post up right away.

Send me a comment if you have any questions, or if you know of another site I should feature.  T


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Here is a list of sites and books that help explain things about money and starting a business.  Or check out my tips here

Money Tips

Save, Spend, Invest & Share – My own guide to managing your money (even if it’s just your allowance)

Money Talks – A financial management website for kids and teens. With games and quizzes and tips to help
you become a saver.

The Mint – A great site with lost of basic information about money and saving and being your own boss.

Teen  – A website that helps explain the stock market and investing

Want to be an Entrepreneur (that means running your own business)?

The GirlMogul Guide to Being a Girlpreneur – This is my own handy guide

Mind Your Business – Think you want to be your own boss when you grow up?  Here are some thoughts and
guides from the Small Business Association.

The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) –  NFTE provides entrepreneurship education
programs to young people from low-income communities, focusing on kids 11-18.  Great ideas for starting
your own business big or small.

Youth Ventures – Building a global movement of young change makers.  Have an idea to change your
community?  Youth Ventures has lots of ideas for making the idea a reality. – Lots of resources for starting your own business and links to some great businesses
already out there.

Kidpreneuer Club – Dallas Crilley is a kidpreneur and he’s only 15 – he has great ideas on how you can
make money before you’re ready to go to college.  

SCORE –  This organization pairs retired business executives with budding entrepreneurs.  This page has a
lot of links to great sites for young entrepreneurs.

Hot Shot Business – Want to try you hand at opening a business – whether it’s a candy store, or a pet spa,
you get to play the game and see if you can be your own boss

Pretend to be a CEO   – this is cool online game that allows you to pretend to be a CEO (Chief Executive
Officer) of a company and allows you to make business decisions – and see if they were the right ones


Mama Money and the Three Little Pigs – A book about a Mama Pig and how she teaches her three little
piglets how to save, share and spend.

Kidpreneur – Genius Ways for Kids to Pay their Way through College

Noom and Raj’s ABC Of Money – It’s a picture book for kids, so maybe it’s best to share with your little sister.

Tyler and His Solv-a-Matic Machine – Tyler needs a boat to sail around the world, but in order to get the boat,
he needs money.  So what doe s he do  – he invents a machine to sell to make money.  

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