Giveaway – Spooky Stuff

Spooky Stuff Giveaway
Spooky Stuff Giveaway

Hey GirlMoguls – welcome to our newest giveaway.  This week’s theme is a package deal of spooky stuff.  We’ll send you a box filled with the WeiserField Guides to the Weird and Spooky.  Nope you won’t find a picture of a scarlet tangier in here, but you will find lots of information on strange animals like the Loch Ness Monster and famous ghosts.  And because one of the biggest movies out there is Eclipse, we’re including a Bella doll as well – so you can channel your inner spooky this summer.  How to win our spooky box?  Simple, tell us about the spookiest thing you believe in  – whether it’s the yeti, aliens, or a giant alligator.  Just post in the comments below and we’ll pick a winner at random.

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  1. Anette says

    The spookiest thing I believe in is death… Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I start to think about death, then I just have to turn the light on and read a book to get it out of my mind…

  2. says

    the spookiest thing i believe in are ghosts because when you are on your own and something is there i freak out

  3. alaina says

    the spookiest thing i believe in is the night marchers.they are ghosts of ancient warriors. They supposedly roam large sections of the island chain, and can be seen by groups of torches. They can usually be found in areas that were once large battlefields (the Nuuanu Pali on the island of Oahu is a good example.) Legend has it that if you look a night marcher straight in the eye, you will be forced to walk among them for eternity, but if you have a relative taken by them, you will be spared. Hawaiians say that in the presence of night marchers, one should lie down on their stomach, face down to avoid eye contact, stay quiet, breathe shallowly, and don’t move. Some say that they may nudge you to provoke a reaction so they can take you. Moanalua Gardens is one of the many places the Night Marchers are said to roam.

  4. hailey says

    The spookiest thing is my your imaginary(brain)make you see things like ghost,gobles,evil things,monters,i go on cant run from this thing,you cant hide,you just have to stop that my spookiest thing.

  5. says

    I am scared to death of zombies! I really think they may exist sometimes. Of course I know they are probably just something only found in movies and books but in the back of my mind I wonder …

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