Introducing the Virtual Lounge

Join the Free Virtual Lounge
Join the Free Virtual Lounge

Hey GirlMoguls – we have some exciting news.  We’ve partnered with to create a Virtual Lounge – complete with all the cool things you need – like chat, avatars, shills, lounges, rooms, virtual clothing, furniture, accessories and other fun stuff.
It’s a safe, secure and monitored online environment where you can meet other GirlMoguls like you, chat, play games and make new friends.  And it’s safe and secure so nobody icky is allowed.  And it’s free to join – you can sign up right here (and your parents can check it out to – and find out about all the safety features.)

Anyway – get set and sign up, cause this Thursday, July 15th is our launch day party and we’ll be gifting cool things to all the new members…

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