Sasha and Malia Obama go to Camp David

Camp David
Camp David
Sasha and Malia Obama went on their first trip to Camp David. What is Camp David – it’s the official Presidential retreat – that’s to say vacation house for the first family to get away from it all. It’s located in Catoctin Mountain Park in Frederick County, Maryland. It’s a mountaintop retreat, and it’s where the first family goes to relax and hang out. Rustic lodges dot the camp and it’s supposed to be a low-key hangout for the President and his family to relax and entertain friends. And that’s just what the First Family did, since Sasha Obama was able to bring a friend and the First Lady invited a friend and her two children to help the family chill out.

So just what did the girls do at Camp David? Well, according to reports, Camp David is kinda like a mountain top sleep away camp. It’s a bunch of small cabins connected by walking trails, all named after local trees. It’s also a US Naval facility (even though it’s no where near the water), meaning that it’s easy to protect – good thing, because Camp David gets to host a lot of visiting “dignitaries” – important people. To keep all those people safe, everyone working at Camp David is a trained United Sailor whose job it is to keep Camp David looking good and help keep it and the people who visit there super safe.

What else can you do besides walk at Camp David? Well there are horses to ride, a place to hit golf balls, and a horseshoe ring. We’re also guessing that it’s a great place to cozy up and watch movies.

So how did Camp David get it’s name? Well at first it had a different name – Hi-Catoctin which refers to the mountains where it was located. Then President Franklin Roosevelt renamed it the USS Shangri La. The USS stands for United States Ship (since it’s a facility run by the Navy, even though it’s not a ship). Shangri La is a reference to a mythical land of great peace and beauty. Then President Eisenhower re-named it Camp David in honor of his grandson – and it’s stayed that way ever since.

So do you think popcorn and Smores were on the menu at Camp David? Spooky ghost tales? Tell us what you would like to do at Camp David if you ever got the chance to go.

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