Day 2 of Lily's Money Slim Down

Lily’s Third


Ok, so I have been using my little notebook.  So far I put $1 or 10% of my allowance in a safe place.  Then I spent $1.75 at the school store.  Today I spent $3.25 on a cup of hot chocolate at the coffee shop after school.  I stopped there on my way to the library.  Rose said that I didn’t really need it, because there’s always hot chocolate that Abby makes.  But this one has whipped cream and sprinkles on it.  Of course, it was gone like that!


So far, $4.50.  That’s half my money!  And the week isn’t even half over.  Hmm, this little notebook is a really a good idea. 

 It’s amazing how fast your money can go.


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