Back to School Fashion Tips For Girls – Four Pieces, Many Ways

Hey GirlMoguls, it’s Daisy here – can you believe it, it’s almost time to start thinking about back to school – or at least the clothing part of it – which can be my favorite part – if I didn’t have to wear a uniform that it.  But when I am not at school, you know that I totally love clothes and putting together an outfit.  And even though my look may a be bit on the punkier side, I still know how to put together a totally cool outfit for whatever your style sense may be.

So first up, we’re going to cover back to school fashion basics – everyone needs these wardrobe staples in their closet- and this just means these are going to be the building blocks of your wardrobe – over and over again and you can mix and match them.  The good news is that they probably won’t break the clothing budget – so you can stock up on these and still have moolah left over for those fashiony must haves.

Staple #1 – the White tee – and nope I am not talking about a boring old undershirt here.  Look for something that has a bit of a fit to it (and no – I don’t just mean tight!)  Go for a scoop or V-neck over the crew neck.  Look for cute cap sleeves.  You may want to buy more than one cause you’ll be wearing this a lot – and we know that white is almost guaranteed to attract something messy!

Tween Back to school Fashion
Tween Back to school Fashion

Staple #2 – Leggings – yup leggings, not jeans this year will be a pillar of your wardrobe (though you will need a couple of pairs of jeans).  You can go with denim leggings, or a cotton blend kind.  I would go with something on the darker side.

Stay tuned for your next two basics and then I’ll show you how to mix and match!

Posted by GirlMogul Daisy
Posted by GirlMogul Daisy

Posted by GirlMogul Daisy


  1. Tyma says

    i have a question… i go to school where we have to wear a uniform, how can i follow the rules but still stand out and be me?

  2. GirlMogul says

    Great question! I think back to Mia from Princess Diaries – the book (and the movie) who wore combat boots with her school uniform. Think accessories – as much as school will allow them – maybe it’s a special necklace, more colorful socks, or different shoes. It could be the style of your bag or even how you decorate your binder…you’ll probably have to think outside the box but we’re sure you can express yourself and stay within the uniform rules – good luck!

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