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Code Name: Poppy

XX State Street


Collected Data:

Family: Family owns a chain of successful restaurants. First one started by her grandmother in downtown Weston. Has since grown to several locations throughout Weston, serving Latin America influenced food. Her grandmother is mostly retired and leaves the day to day management of the restaurants to Poppy’s Father and Mother. Poppy has two older brothers and one younger sister.

Favorite Books:
Non fiction books, especially ones about animals, scientists and the ocean.

Favorite Subject:

Mixing formulas with her chemistry kit, collecting specimens and cataloging them, trying to invent the perfect face cream. And hanging out with her grandmother.

In her words:

Describe yourself: I love learning about things. Reading books is ok, but I would rather learn about things by actually looking at, observing them. I take notes in my field journal all the time, about things I observe. I am always taking pictures too. I also like working with my chemistry set. It’s the deluxe one, I just got it for my birthday this year. I have been through like 5 other beginner ones, but this one is more like the real thing – my mom made me promise to be very careful using it. I am already working on my project for this year’s science fair, but its top secret.

My mom and dad set up a real lab for me in the basement. I have my computer, my microscope and all my chemicals down there. It’s totally cool. I can listen to my music and work on my formula for face cream.

Your Hero: My grandmother. She emigrated to America with just about nothing and started a small little cart selling tacos and now she has 4 restaurants and is on all of these committees and she still has time to spend with me and work in her garden.
Someone from History you admire: Dr. Myrna Lodge. She was the first female surgeon to perform open heart surgery. How cool is that?

If you could have lunch with anyone:
Stephanie Kwolek – the inventor of Kevlar – it’s used in everything from boats to space ships.

Your favorite place: My Lab.

A place you would like to visit:
New York City – I would like to see the Museum of Natural History for myself.
What do you want to be when you grow up: A doctor, or a scientist, or maybe a veterinarian. I can’t decide if I would rather help people or animals.

Why do you want to help out with Weston’s Jr. Civic Pride Committee? My grandmother said it would be good for me to meet other girls my own age and work together on something, instead of spending so much time in her lab. I think she was also responsible for volunteering someone. Also, I think it will be the basis for a great experiment, how the pre-adolescent child performs in small group settings. Perhaps I can write a research paper on it.

Dr. Smith’s Comments:
A bright inquisitive mind. She reminds me of me when I was younger. Her rational, observational approach will be an asset to the team.

Abby’ Comments: Poppy sounds totally smart – perhaps not much of a people person though. We’ll see if we can get her to see people as more than study subjects!

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