Get Smart for Back to School

Get Organized for Back to School
Get Organized for Back to School

Ok, tween girls, it’s almost time for back to school and as you know, it’s super important to stay on top of all you have to do if you want to be a superstar student – I mean after all if it took to get some great grades were a few simple organizational tips – wouldn’t that be cool.  So I’m here to give you a quick run-down on just what you need to ace school…

For dealing with your daily dose of homework:

  • Gather your supplies – set up a special homework area – like the desk in your room or your corner of the family room, and stock it with everything you need, from pencils, to pens to that ruler.  Even if you’re not in the same place every day, get a cute basket and or box and stock it up so it can move with you
  • Get Listy – make a list of allyour homework assignments in the order you need to do them.  Start with the Most Important One First.  And if you find something super boring, definitely don’t leave it until last when you’ll be tempted to quit.
  • Take Short Breaks – A short – and I don’t mean a whole iCarly episode – break will actually help your brain work better. You can even use a kitchen timer and set it for a five minute break between homework tasks.  But when that buzzer rings, get right back at your desk.
  • Pack Your Pack – when you’ve finished all your homework – take a deep breath, and then pack your bag with everything – from your homework assignments to your gym clothes for the next day in your book bag.   Leave it by the door or in the same place every night and in the morning you can focus on picking out your outfit rather than searching all over for what you need.

So GirlMoguls – don’t sweat the school stuff – next up I’ll give you more of my academic back to school whiz gal tips….

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