Get Ready for Back to School – Homework Tips

Use a Goal Checklist
Use a Goal Checklist

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s almost back to school time and here are a few more tips on how to make dealing with all of the school stuff a breeze – I mean if just a few organizational tips made school that much easier (and a cinch to grab a higher grade or two) wouldn’t it be worth it?  (Check out our first post here) After all it’s not like I’m telling you to go study or anything like that!  Ok, so here are my tips for handling those long-term homework assignments:

  • First Off – Jump right in – just because the due date for that Spanish project is a week or so away, doesn’t mean you should leave it to the last minute.  You should get started on it stat – because, trust me, just knowing you’ve started will help kill that overwhelmed feeling
  • Break it Down – sure you know you should start now – but how?  Start by breaking the project into smaller steps or tasks and start tackling them 1,2, 3 – maybe first up is researching your subject, next up is writing a draft of your presentation and third up is pulling together all the pictures for it…
  • Pace Yourself – figure out how many days you have until the project is due – and don’t count weekends, unless you’re really going to work – and then divide the project into as many mini-goals as your have days to finish – for instance if you have to read a whole book for a book report, divide up the number of chapters by days – but be sure to leave a day or two to write the report
  • Check your List – keep a checklist of your goals so you can track your progress to the deadline – remember if one of the tasks took longer than you thought, be sure to adjust your goals to fit into the time you have left….

So see – even those long term project are no big deal with these tips – next up I’ll show you how to manage your schedule.

GirlMogul Rose
GirlMogul Rose

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  1. This article helped me realize what was causing me NOT to ever have any of my homework in on time. 🙂

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