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Hey Moms Like It fans – welcome to – where tweens can light up their girl power – hope you like the site and that you’ll check out our adventures in our book: Saving Hannah: Or How to Rewrite History.


In the meantime, as promised, we have a little mother-daughter contest going on – maybe you like to share clothes, or maybe you wouldn’t be caught dead sharing a lip gloss let alone an item of clothing…but moms and their daughters definitely influence each other when it comes to fashion – and who doesn’t love a shopping spree?  So we’re going to give you one.

In the comments below, tell us your favorite go to fashionable item- one for the moms, and one for the daughters!  We’ll pick a random pair of winners and give them $50 gift cards to White House | Black Market and Justice!  Have fun!


5 Replies to “Moms Like It Mother Tween Contest”

  1. My favorite go to fashionable item is and will always be a cute pair of heels. They instantly make me feel confident and put together. My 7 year old daughter loves accessories. a Scarf, bracelet or even lip gloss!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Jana Schweiss

  2. My fave fashionable item is my purse. My daughter loves lip glosses, nail polishes and all the glittery stuff.

  3. my go to item is a basic black tee….i look best in black and with 6 children i need easy fashion items! My daughter’s would be her denim capris.

  4. My favorite go to fashionable item would have to be accesories. Weather it be earings a bracelet or necklace, even a great pair of sunglasses. It gives a me a finishing touch, makes me feel somewhat “dressed”. My daughter’s go to item lately has been headbands with giant flowers on them, she absolutely will not leave the house with out one on. But I’m sure next week she will have another go to item. Kids!

  5. For me, it has to start with the shoes. If I pick cute/sexy/pretty/interesting shoes, the rest of my outfit will have to rise to the occasion. If I even think about putting on my running shoes, I better be going for a run. My 10-year-old loves skirts. Always has, probably always will.

    Glad to find your site. I plan to explore it with my girl. She loves mysteries and is always looking for something new.

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