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What is the one thing all teens have in common? Stress! I know I get stressed out when I have a crazy day at school, after school meetings, a ton of homework, and no time to relax! It’s not fun when I don’t even get time to watch my favorite TV shows, hang out with my friends, and or even spend quality time with my family. So, I’ve been looking into new ways of de-stressing. I like art and dancing, but I didn’t want to participate in anything competitive to release stress and relax. I started researching online, and decided to start a blog section about ways to live a better, happy life as a young woman.

My first find was all about yoga. There is this great website I found called They have great ways to get started in yoga activity, and even a teen FAQ section explaining a lot about the physical art form. For instance, one of my questions was why even do yoga? What is the benefit for me? So I read up on what Yoga4Teens had to say. They explain that yoga can help you “know yourself,” meaning finding out exactly what you can physically push your body to do, and what you can work on to improve your physical balance, flexibility, and stamina. Also, yoga allows you to “deal with yourself”, which I thought was a funny thing to say. After reading the explanation, though, the idea really made sense to me. With yoga, you have to deal with your own pain, physically and mentally, and you can’t rely on anyone else to help you. You basically help yourself, which can be a really emotionally empowering. Yoga is also about total balance, and I don’t just mean standing on one foot for more than a minute! It’s about a balance in life, with movement and stillness and what you take in and what you give out. The actual act promotes inner peace, as in being at peace with who you are as a person. It has a calming effect in doing so, allowing you to reserve just for you and your own thoughts. I know I don’t get any time to myself anymore. Even when I think I’m alone, theirs is always music on, or the TV. Now, with yoga, I can relax and distress and just concentrate on bettering myself. I feel healthier after trying a class of beginner yoga. Try it! You will feel physically stronger and more mentally prepared to face your jam-packed days!

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