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“Youth, after all, is just a moment, but it is the moment, the spark that you always carry in your heart.” Raisa M. Gorbachev, former first lady of the Soviet Union

Selected by GirlMogul Poppy.

I don’t usually go for this quote thing unless its by a scientist, but it was my turn and I found this one. It reminds me of my grandmother. She’s probably pretty old – she’s a grandmother, of course,but you would never know it from the way she acts. She always act “young at heart” – that’s what she says. So this quote reminds me never to be too serious, to remember that even though I think about being older, I should always remember what it feels like to be a child, to see the world through fun, open eyes – kinda like when I am out for a nature hike and I catch sight of a butterfly, sitting on a leaf and I get to examine it, really examine it, with my lens, and you can really see the beauty and the details.

Raisa Gorbachev
Raisa Gorbachev
Also, Raisa Gorbachev, the author of the quote is really cool. She was the First Lady of Russia, back when everyone thought Russia was our enemy. But her husband, Mikhail, was elected President and he started to make friends with the United States. Raisa was a professor of sociology until she became the Russian First Lady. Raisa helped by traveling with him and visiting the United States – she even spoke at a college with First Lady Barbara Bush. Raisa raised lots of money for good causes, like stopping cancer in children, and she started a club that was meant to get women interested in serving in politics. She died in 1999 from leukemia, a type of cancer.

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