Cashmere Mafia – Fanning the Flames of GirlPower

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Cashmere Mafia –  GirlPower show or not?

A new show?  Yes, it’s debuting in the wasteland of the TV Writer’s strike.  This season was especially hopeful for fans of the girl power genre, with the Bionic Woman, the Sara Connor Chronicles, and now the debut of Cashmere Mafia.

But so?  Is it worth the wait?  Check out Mommy Track’d’s view of the show.  They’re disappointed and on one hand I can’t disagree.  There’s stereotyping, there’s the flames of the Mommy Wars being fanned, as well as the usual working mom dilemma of making it to the school play and missing the field trip.


Is it unrealistic? Yes – these women are at the top of their professions so they probably don’t have the money worries many of us do.  They have really cool jobs and cool clothes and always have matching shoes.  They work hard, but they’re always meeting for lunch or drinks or something (oh how I wish I could see my friends more).


All that aside, I think the fact that a show actually mentions the Mommy Wars and acknowledges the struggles is a step in the right direction.  GirlMogul will keep watching.


So is this a GirlPower Show or not – let us know?


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