The Obama Girls Get Canadian Treats

Hi all you GirlMoguls – it’s my day on the Obama daughters watch (as you know we love to post about our friends in the White House) and so I was looking through the news I found out that girls are going to get some treats from our neighbors up north. Funny – I bet with all the new coverage, Malia and Sasha new what they were getting before their dad, the President, even got home.

Anyhoo – President Obama is continuing a tradition he started on the campaign trail of bringing home little gifts from all the stops along the way. The President was in Canada, visiting and he stopped and got some treats for himself and his daughters. For himself the President picked up an Obama Tail – this is a version of Ottawa (Canada’s capitol) famoud Beaver Tail pastry. This one has a chocolate O on it and was served to guests at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC on Inauguration Day.
I am betting that was one treat that didn’t quite make it home, but the President did stop to buy a key chain with a moose on it and 3 Canadian Flag cookies from a famous bakery.

Sasha and Malia – we hope you like your treats.
Hey girls – does you mom or dad bring home something special for you if they have to go away on a business trip? What was the most special thing you got? Tell me below…

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