Cashmere Mafia – Redux

ABC's Cashmere Mafia.jpg

I promised I would keep watching and I am.  With its relentlessy upbeat soundtrack and the glossy loves how can one not be hooked – I want a townhouse like that, shoes like that, etc.  But is the show getting better, more reflective of the social dilmenas women face?  Perhaps – though the Modern Man story was certainly sounds like a throwback.  Once again, I think that perhaps some men out there might be happy that women are able to be partners… Or are men in general so insecure that they feel threatened every time a woman in power shows up? 

The one true note – the two laptop in bed couple – Zoe and Eric both in bed, working on their laptops – now that is something I can relate to – that’s probably the most telling scene in defining the dual career couple these days – work spills over into everything.

So still not sure if the show qualifies to make it onto the GirlPower list – anyone else want to vote? – Encouraging Successful Girls with GirlPower Apparel, accessories, and books


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