Summer Party Tips

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Summer Party Tips

Fun Summer Party Tips!

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s summer time, time to party and here are some great party planning tips to make your summer party a no fail success.  We asked Dawn Bryan, founder of The Qualipedia, to offer us some basic summer party hosting tips that will also turn your outdoor event into a spectacular evening.


Party Basics:

  • Arrange guests in small comfortable groups, to foster mingling (this can be done with small tables or even over-sized grass blankets with filled baskets anchoring the corners)
  • Offer fun water toys/floats for parties with a pool
  • Enhance ground seating with rugs, pillows, or blankets
  • Serve up a rain date on the invite so there is always a contingency plan

-       Buffet Basics:

  • Arrange food by this order: entrees, sides, salads, bread, butter, and condiments, and always prepare extra portions
  • Provide enough extra dishes and silverware for second helpings to be enjoyed on clean dishes
  • Position the drink table away from the buffet to avoid traffic jams
  • Offer leftovers in take-away containers, especially to guests who have children

-      Beyond Basics:

  • Create a signature theme with a recipe, color, music, or games
  • Send guests home with a gift bag that relates to your theme (example: if your party theme is 4th of July, find some sparklers and ring pops with a note attached saying “let freedom ring” to fill each goody bag!)
  • In your gift bag, include a take home bagel or Danish for Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast


Above all be sure you feel comfortable, look great, and are ready to have a fantastic time!

Have a wonderful Summer from Dawn at!


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