White House Trivia


So just what do the Obama girls need to know about living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (the official address of the White House.) I compiled a list of some cool trivia to help them get started, though I bet they’ll soon know a lot more – plus some top secret stuff…
1. The West Wing is the official office part of the White House. It didn’t exist until President Theodore Roosevelt’s time. His family was so large, he needed separate office space in order to run the country.
2. The White House once had a tree house. It was built for Amy Carter (President Jimmy Carter’s daughter) on the Sount Lawn
3. One lucky high school class got to have their senior prom at the White House. Susan Ford, daughter of Gerald Ford invited her entire class to have their prom at the White House
4. Bowling at the White House – you bet. There is a bowling alley in the White House.
5. Think Malia and Sasha want to see Miley’s newest movie on the big screen? The Obama girls won’t have to go to the local Cineplex to see the next big release. The White House is equipped with a private theater. In1942, a long cloakroom in the East Wing was converted to a movie theater. We bet the popcorn is first class!
6. The White House even has a pool. It’s an outdoor pool installed by President Ford. No word on if it’s heated or not.
7. Benjamin Harrison brought the first Christmas tree inside the White House in 1889. Now the White House Christmas tree lighting is a big televised event.
8. There is a private jogging track on the grounds of the White House, installed by President Bill Clinton. 7. The cost of keeping the White House up and running per day? Try $25,370, or $9.2 million a year.
9. Only one baby has been born in the White House – Esther Cleveland, in 1893. She was the daughter of President Grover Cleveland.
10. Nine children of presidents have been married in the White House. Former President Bush’s daughter Jenna Bush was marred while her father was the President, but decided to get married at the Bush family ranch in Crawford Texas.
11. The Bush daughters slid down the banisters of the White House when their grandfather was president, not when their father was President.
12. An electrical fire in 1929 did major damage to the White House. Most of the rooms had to be gutted.
13. All First Families are responsible for getting all their personal belongings to Washington.
14. The current and former President overlap on inauguration day and the new President doesn’t move into the White House before hand. So on inauguration day, the White House moves into high gear, unpacking and getting everything ready for the new first family in a few hours. That’s why the Obamas lived in hotel starting in January so Malia and Sasha could start their new school at the beginning of the term.
15. When moving in, the first family does get money from Congress to re-decorate – new drapes, carpets and paintings, so we guess Malia really did get her new room – or will soon!
16. The President and First Lady pay for all meals and incidentals. But the family gets an expense account
17. Guests of the first family stay free. But if you order out – they’ll have to pay for it – the Obamas are billed for all outside services. But with a 24-7 staff, they probably don’t have to call out for much.
18. So how much does all this cost? Try $25,370 per day or $9.2 million a year.

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