DIY Fashion: Feather Headband Update

Hey girls! Daisy here, with a DIY Fashion update. So I wrote a post about this super popular fashion trend: the headband with some kind of plumage attached. I included pictures and described how the trend started. (Initially, it became popular when Sarah Jessica Parker showed up to her wedding in the Sex and the City movie with bright blue feather attached to her veil. Just in case you missed it!) Now, the feathered headband is showing up in all kinds of stores, from ones for young girls to professional stores to boutiques. Unfortunately, these trendy hair pieces can be really costly. Even the cheaper stores or stores I usually shop at are selling these bands and clips at a minimum of $30. I thought to myself, there is no this can be THAT hard to make. Turns out I was right!
I went down to my local craft store (the one by my house is an A.C. Moore) and purchased feathers (a bag cost less than $2), and some fabric glue (I got mine for $2.50). I dug through my drawer of hair accessories and found a tan thick headband. The headband was camel in color but the fabric had little gold thread going through it and stripes. So, when I went to go get feathers, I really wanted them to pop so I bought cobalt feathers, in between a violet and a dark blue. I went through all the steps I mentioned in my previous post, and the headband came out great! Here are my pictures to prove it:
From the top:

GirlMogul Daisy's DIY Headband
GirlMogul Daisy's DIY Headband

From the side:

GirlMogul Daisy's DIY Fashion Haedband
GirlMogul Daisy's DIY Fashion Haedband

Get to your feathers and get going! DIY fashion can be fun and cheap. You can even make these headbands with friends as an activity at a sleepover or just a rainy day.

-GirlMogul Daisy

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