Reasons to love daycare

What’s to love about daycare?  Sometimes we all need reminders about why we do this – beyond the obvious (money, fulfillment, the feminist revolution, blah, blah, blah)… so here are some reminders about the benefits of daycare:

Perhaps not a PC topic, but I’ll go there anyway.
1) Drastically cuts down on the number of poopy diapers that need to be changed by you
2) At least one meal a day does not require getting your kitchen dirty while eating
3) Someone else needs to sing the Wheels on the Bus 400 times
4) You get little notes with reminders to buy things like diapers so you never run out there or a home
5) You get tracking sheets with all of the day’s activities on it so you can really feel like you know what your child did
6) Someone else is meting out time outs on a regular basis
7) Sometimes there are free donuts in the morning
8) The spit up will usually land on someone else
9) All the great presents you get, that you don’t have to make yourself or clean up after (see mealtimes, above)
10) And finally, at the end of the day…they still want to go home with mommy and daddy, not matter how much they like it there.

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