Geek Chicks – The NY Times says it's so

I just saw this article in the NY Times Geek Chic: Not Just for Boys.  And it was perfect.  As the title suggest, more girls are getting into technology – Girls have made the blogosphere their own.  Girls are very comfortable with blogs and actively embrace the medium and the design and storytelling it goes with it.  More girls than boys have sites, though boys seem more into posting videos of themselves to You Tube, while girls are out there building and nurturing a community.  The whole article is well worth a read, but I thought I would pull out some of the sites and girls featured there so you could check out their work for yourselves.
Nicole Dominguez, 13, of Miramar, Fla., whose hobbies include designing free icons, layouts and “glitters” (shimmering animations) for the Web and MySpace pages of other teenagers.  Her site is,.
Martina Butler, 17, of San Francisco, who for three years has been recording an indie music show, Emo Girl Talk, from her basement. Check out, an interactive e-zine with articles written for and by girls.

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