Adventurous Cuisine: Try Something New Off the Menu!

International Cuisine
International Cuisine
Hey everyone! It’s Abby here, and I was talking to the GirlMoguls about different cuisines. It’s so easy now to try different cuisines from different parts of the world. There are restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian, and other ethnic foods even in small towns. There are even an Ethiopian and Moroccan restaurants by my house. As I was talking to the girls, I realized that almost everyone had been to an Italian restaurant before. Another kind of food everyone had was Chinese food. But, no one had ever tried food from a Greek restaurant, or West African food. I know it can be hard to find restaurants that serve foods from certain regions. Usually these restaurants can be found in big cities, like New York City. However, you can be adventurous anywhere!
I wanted to start some posts for all you to tell you a little about the foods to try the next time you eat at a restaurant that serves an international cuisine. For instance, instead of going for your favorite spaghetti and meatballs dish at an Italian place, or your favorite lo mein at a Chinese restaurant, take some of my tips and try something new! Each post will be about a cuisine from a different country, and provide menu items that are widely available, but often overlooked. There are tons of things on a menu that we often don’t even think of trying, simply because we don’t understand it, or have never had it before. Instead, go to your local restaurants and get something off the menu you’ve never had before. I guarantee you’ll walk away having learnt something new.
So, GirlMoguls, stay posted! The Adventurous Cuisine posts are coming your way! The first one to look out for is “Italian”, where I will showcase menu items you can get at your local Italian restaurant, yet still feel like you’ve done something refreshing and new.

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