The Feminine Mistake

There is a new book out there that I confess to not having read, but I will write about it anyway.   The Feminine Mistake.  Catchy title, especially for someone for whom the Feminine Mystique was a required book (Women’s college).   In it, the author Leslie Bennetts contends that women are making “willfully retrograde choice" of relying on men to support them and their children.   Opting out of the workforce for these well educated women who have highly paid and well-educated husbands is a nice luxury, but jeopardizes these women’s ability to provide for themselves in the event that their husband in unable (or unwilling) to support them.  It also drags down their retirement savings, ups medical costs and impedes their ability to get back into the workforce.
Gee – ya think?   Of course, these are women with a choice – for whom work is a luxury almost, a matter of fulfillment, who must have husbands who are quite successful.  They’re rolling the dice, hoping that the good catch will keep working like heck to support them and the family, that the good catch won’t meet a more interesting, younger, skinnier model out and about and trade them in, etc.
In my mind as much as having it all can suck (husband left early, two kids up at 4 am, poppy diaper 30 seconds before daycare departure, my brain so numb from lack of sleep that I need a GIANT Coffee) sometimes, I am just not sure that I could rely on anyone else for my money.  Justify my cheesy paperback novel habit?  Please.  Ask for an allowance?  Not be prepared to support myself in case of emergency?  The of course there is that other argument – these are your kids – what else could be more important?   

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