Spark City Virtual World Launches

Hey Girls,

All Girl
All Girl
Here’s your Friday tech update. Perhaps you have checked out, which is a cool gaming site just for girls – it’s all free, which is neat. They have just launched Spark City which is their new virtual world.

Spark City Logo
Spark City Logo
You can create avatars, interact and earn money, known as Gems. You can have your own apartment and decorate it the way you want, and you can also buy your own clothes and make up your own outfits. Plus they have the Girl Gourmet Store where you can make your (virtual) gourmet cupcakes. Even though I am not that in to all of the girly stuff, who can say no to a cupcake. I haven’t had too much time to check it out, but I will be in there this weekend – if anyone else gets a chance to check it out, let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. britney says

    OMG! i just found Spark City World this morning on Google and im so addicted! Great website! Love it!

  2. says

    omg spark city world rocks does anyone know how to get baby cloths and hair cause i really want it to look cute now please tell i found it in 2010 on june im so sorry if you cant awnser this question but if you have it just tell me your password so i can log in and just play for a while i will not change your house or pass word or anything like that ok if you deal with me thank you so sign up now and tell me please(: (smily face)

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