Did you go Dark for Earth Hour?

Beijing Opera House Dark for Earth Hour
Beijing Opera House Dark for Earth Hour
Hey Girls, it’s Poppy here. Did you go dark for Earth Hour this Saturday? All around the world cities and communities dimmed their lights for one hour to help raise awareness of global climate change. Public buildings, bridges and monuments all across the world went dark as people got to experience what it was like to only have essential lights on. The event, which has been going on for a couple of years, was organized by a group called the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The idea is to help people and politicians become more aware of how much energy people use that really isn’t necessary and how all of the emissions from using that energy creates gases that are starting to cause the earth’s climate change. In general, scientists think all of these gases and emissions are causing the global climate to warm up slowly, causing the polar ice caps to melt. Besides this being bad for the animals that live there, the polar ice caps are so huge that when they start to melt, even a bit, the ocean levels start to go up other places in the world, meaning the towns and cities near the coast could find themselves underwater. Now this probably won’t happen anytime soon, but global climate changes could have effects were not even sure about. And truth be told, not all scientists think that pollution and gas emissions are to blame.

But back to Earth Hour – in my home town of Weston, we all participated – my parents even turned down the lights in the restaurant and everyone dined by candlelight. My Mom said it was “romantic”, but I just thought it was so cool to be able to go outside and look up at the sky. Without all of the light coming out of windows or from streetlights, the lights were SUPER BRIGHT and amazing looking.

Anyway that’s all for now. If you missed Earth Hour this year, there is always next year, but in the meantime, think about all the lights you have on around the house and see if there are any you could do without – whether it’s always remembering to turn a light off when you leave a room or turning out the outside lights, you too can help use less energy.

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