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Hey GirlMoguls! It’s Poppy, back again with a restaurant round up. Abby has been sending us all over town to experiment with different types of food so we can “expand out palates” and become more sophisticated. Mostly I am just happy to eat the food. I went with Rose and after she had given me a rundown on the history of Greece (that Rose sure knows everything), we went to eat. I thought Greek food was just about the gyro or souvlaki, but I was wrong. Most often eating Greek food comes down to the popular favorites. But, there are so many kinds of traditional Greek food items that are so delicious! The dishes that I am going to mention encompass the traditional flavors that are strong and rich. Greek food usually takes on very flavorful items such as feta cheese, red wine, and deep meats. So, here are some dishes I think you would like tot ry, but maybe never thought of doing so.

When you’re looking at appetizers, skip the Greek salad. I know it’s so easy to go for the good stuff; a salad stuffed with feta cheese and kalamata olives is always appetizing. I know salads are always good for you, so make sure you get your veggies in during lunch, for example. When at a Greek restaurant, try something new for a first course. I chose dolmades, which are grape leaves.

Greek Grape leaves
Greek Grape leaves
Grape leaves are very popular in Greek cooking, and these were stuffed with rice, savory herbs, and finely chopped vegetables. They were so good and really filling. My friend who went to dinner with me ordered another great appetizer called loukaniko, which is a type of Greek sausage usually made in-house at the restaurant.

The sausage often has a very savory wood flavor, and most restaurants include a bit orange zest on the sausage a surprising bite. The restaurant we were at served it with fries, and was another hit. Here is what the loukaniko looked like:

For dessert, instead of going traditional with baklava, try something new! My recommendation is Greek yogurt, which is usually served with honey and berries. Greek yogurt is much thicker and sweeter than regular yogurt, and is a healthy and sweet option for dessert. Greek yogurt is growing rapidly in popularity, and you can now even find it in your local grocery store! So, if you can’t make it to a Greek restaurant, go to the store and pick up a cup of Greek yogurt (my favorite brand is called Fage). Adds some berries for dessert, or some granola for breakfast!

Greek Yogurt with Walnuts and Honey:

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