Milk Rocks is Sponsoring a Contest

Hey Girls, we just heard about this cool contest where you will have a chance to show off your talent. Milk Rocks & Declare Yourself are sponsoring a talent contest. You can help write the theme song to the Born Again American Campaign. The campaign is trying to encourage Americans citizens to contribute more to their country. You can submit your lyrics and enter to win the contest at Once you do, you’ll be entered to win the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winner will receive a special, one-day presentation at her school which includes an original copy of the Declaration of Independence. The historical document will be accompanied by a documentary highlighting the history of the Declaration of Independence and its relevance to contemporary America, as narrated by r Reese Witherspoon;a 14-minute film featuring a theatrical reading of the document by several famous actors, and a rendition of “America the Beautiful” by more than fifty leading country music singers. Pretty cool – that would certainly get you in the local paper. And, when you register, you also get a free MP3 song by singer Chad Van Rys. So go check out the contest at Let us know what you think.

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