Obama Girls Weekly Round Up

Ok, GirlMoguls, it’s my turn to do the Obama Girls Round up for this week. Apparently they got to stay home and go to school, while their mom and dad went off to London to visit the Queen. Hmm – how much does that stink – you parents get to have tea with the Queen and you have to stay and hit the books. Michelle Obama not only shook the Queen’s hand but she even hugged her! Apparently the Queen isn’t all that touchy feely.

And Malia and Sasha’s Dad (that would be the President) got to meet J.K Rowling – the woman who wrote all the Harry Potter books – he told her that he loved reading all of the books himself and he had read them to the girls. I hope he remembered to get her autograph!

Oh, and though I am not supposed to be watching the show (I didn’t I swear, the baby sitter told me, Life on Mars wrapped up it’s season. The show which is about time travel, was set in the year 2035 and they made a reference to President Obama…not Barack (since he can only be President for 8 years) but they meant one of his daughters…(Malia or Sasha). Pretty cool – of course it wouldn’t be the first time a child had followed in their daddy’s footsteps into the White House, but it will probably be the first time a daughter would. Anyway – pretty cool to think about.

That’s all for now – have a great weekend Moguls.

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