DIY Fashion: The New, Updated BFF Bracelet

Are you bored of braiding that multi-colored thread? Tired of the standard chain necklace with the split hearts that say “BFF” on the end? I was too! I made my share of friendship bracelets by braiding my good old different colored threads, but those bracelets wouldn’t last every long on my wrist. Plus, they didn’t match everything, and everyone has them. But, I still like the idea of sharing some piece of jewelry with friends, or having some matching jewelry. It’s fun to have that piece to share, and also express your friendships.

So, I actually got this idea from CosmoGirl- it’s the new updated BFF bracelet! Here’s how you do it:
1. Get a set on metal bangles. You can buy them from a store like Claire’s, or if you have some lying around use those! Choose whatever color best fits you and your friends.
2. Go to a craft store or bead store and pick up jump rings (the small metals rings you use to connect things) and some charms. Get however many charms you want; a good diea is maybe getting one tore present each person who is getting a bracelet.
3. Ask your parents for a set of pliers, or borrow some from a friend.
4. Pull open the jump rings slightly with the pliers, and put on the charms you want your friends to get on their bracelets.
5. While the jump ring is still open, slip it onto the bangle.
6. With the pliers, tighten the jump ring as much as possible, ensuring that there is no space for the charm to fall off.
7. You’re done! Now you have a cool and funky bangle that represents your friendship, too. You can add letter charms to your bracelet to spell out a name or even “BFF”. Whatever you do, have fun with it!
Here’s what the CosmoGirl’s bracelets looked like:

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