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A Young Gloria Steinem“We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons… but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.”
-Gloria Steinem

This quotation really put a smile on my face. Gloria Steinem is not only a writer, but also a political activist and editor. She has accomplished so many things in her lifetime, and is still doing so today. Gloria Steinem is viewed as the leader for the Second Wave feminist movement. She has done so much for the cause of feminism that I decided to write a post just on her biography here .
This particular quotation of hers really caught my attention. So often we think the meaning of feminism is simply equating women with men. Usually, that translates into providing messages to teen girls and younger girls about being like boys in the way that makes them equal. For instance, haven’t we all heard some form of “you can play that just as good as those boys” as a form of encouragement? At some point, all the friends I’ve talked to have experienced some kind of push during school to play sport “rough” and hard with the guys, or dress a certain way to be seen as an equal. Ultimately, why isn’t the push for more than just being boys? There should be a real stress on being equal as in being respected, not being like boys. Although males have inherent respectable characteristics, so do females.

Gloria Steniem at 64
Gloria Steniem at 64
Steinem points out that it is those mothers who teach their boys respectable characteristics from their female counterparts who have the courage to stand up to what society thinks feminists should do. Feminism is not just about being like guys; it’s about embracing personal female characteristics and making them as equally important and respected as inherent male characteristics. It’s important to not teach the next generation to all “be like the boys”, but rather embrace virtue that is usually found in either male or female, as both clearly have something to offer.

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