Quote of the Day – Attitude

"Attitude will take you furhter than talent." Various

How true this. And how important to teach our daughters.  We teach our girls that practice makes perfect, study hard, and make sure to cross all the t’s and i’s.  Women are very talented at many things – it makes us great support people.  But do we ever give any thought to how we do our work – with a smile, or a grim determination.  Do we let dark thoughts intrude upon our work and plans and derail us?  Sure we do – and that’s why we should think almost as much about how we’re doing something as we do to how well we’re doing it.

A smile goes a long way -like for a boss who notices that the "difficult" project was completed – not without a fuss – but with a can do attitude.  Just remember, DON’T forget to toot your own horn.  A positive attitude means no complaining, not no self-promotion.

So good luck – and have a wonderful day.

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