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Hi GirlMoguls, it’s Daisy, your reluctant fashionista here. I was always a fan of graphic tees. They are so easy to wear, and can make any outfit seem more original and cool. You can dress up a pair of jeans with a black and white graphic tee for a rocker look, or pair some tights with a colorful graphic tunic for a whimsical look. My favorite tees, however, always have a message- whether through picture or words. For example, I saw a lot of “Yes we did!” tees after President Obama was elected. Also, I now see a lot of graphics that show some kind of face on a t shirt, which is usually Andy Warhol looking for an arty statement.

I love these statement t shirts, as I really believe what we wear also projects a statement about who we are as people. It is not the most important aspect about a person, but it still is an exciting way to project who we are to the world! Unfortunately these tees can be super expensive. Personally, I believe investing in key pieces for a wardrobe, such as a pair of black pants, can be a good thing to spend some extra money on. But a piece like a statement tee may not be the best thing to spend money on ebcuase as we all know, what you have to say can change on a daily basis. You may feel a certain way about the world when you buy the tee, but not feel the same way a year later.

So, I have a solution. Make your own graphic t shirt, and make your statement loud and clear! I made my own t shirt representing my feelings about the presidential election last year. Here’s what it said: “Think fashion makes a statement?” on the front, and “TRY VOTING” on the back. I wanted to promote the young people who could vote and who already turned 18 to actually go out to the polls and vote, and so I made a t shirt to wear to school. I still wear the t shirt, even though it’s after the election. I wear it because it makes a statement about what I believe as a person.

Here’s what the shirt looks like and how I did it:

T-Shirt Front
T-Shirt Front


T-Shirt Back
T-Shirt Back

1. Buy a plain t shirt, or even better, use a plain one already in your closet!
2. Go to a craft store and pick up a small bottle of fabric puffy paint, with a small nozzle so you are able to write with it. If you want to get creative, get some glitter fabric writer as well for some fun decorations.
3. Lay your t shirt flat on a surface that is protected with some newspapers or garbage bags (you don’t want to paint your table!) and place a piece of paper in between the layers of the shirt, so as to not let the paint seep through one layer.
4. After you prep, pick your favorite quotation or quirky statement and write it on the shirt! Add some fun patterns or colors. I chose to not draw on the shirt but shadow the purple words with a lighter glittery lavender.
5. Let your shirt dry for a few hours or overnight, then turn over and do the other side if you’d like.
6. Don’t forget to have fun and be creative!

Of course if you also want to see some cool girl power tees and don’t want to do it yourself, you can always check out the GirlMogul t-shirt store on Zazzle – you can totally design your own girl power t-shirt.

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