The Girl Scouts get Hip

An interesting article in the WSJ by Ellen Byron about the Girl Scout’s image makeover.  They have hired a new chief marketing officer to help modernize the image of the Girl Scouts.  Apparently great things have been happening within the Girl Scouts in terms of the skills they work on – it’s not just cookies and campfires and they want they’re "brand" to reflect that.     Interestingly enough, the article says that the Girl Scouts found they were losing membership to non-activities – it wasn’t so much that girls were not joining (or re-upping) because they were too busy with other activities like sports, but that they were too busy with non-activities – like chatting, hanging out online and at the mall.  So the Girl Scouts will try to target this group – by making the programming more appealing to that age group, narrowing the age ranges within each troop – so the 8 year olds and the 14 year olds aren’t together, etc.

As a girl, I certainly thought the Girl Scouts were too domestic – campfires, cooking and sewing – blech, so I never joined.  I regret a bit now, though I don’t think not joining caused any irreparable damage.  But based on the things I have seen, I would definitely sign my daughter up when she’s old enough. 

I would be interested to know what other Girl Scouters (former, current, troop leaders) think of the new Girl Scouts and this move to "Shake things up." Post a comment below.

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