The Dog is in the White House

First Puppy Bo got his first walk on the White House lawns with his new family. He’s a fuzzy, cuddly looking guy, mostly black with little splotches of white on his paws. Bo got a walk around and posed for pictures. The whole family took turns hold the leash. Even though the dog is called a Portuguese Water Dog, he doesn’t know how to swim – yet. Sasha told the reporters that even Bo needs to be taught to swim. President Obama also joked that since the dogs are known for loving tomatoes, the First Lady had better watch out for her new kitchen garden! We bet that it could get messy. But I also imagine that Bo won’t be left alone for long! Malia and Sasha looked like they were having the time of their life with the dog.
But since Bo is still a puppy, they’ll need to take the time to train him properly so that he learns to behave and respond to commands. And since the name Bo sounds a lot like the word No (which gets used a lot when training a new puppy), the First Family might have teach Bo to respond to hand commands.

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