No books means no school – but that's not a good thing

Hi GirlMoguls, I was just found out about something terrible. Millions of textbooks that were promised to small schools in Afgahantistan haven’t been delivered, and students who really want to learn can’t. I know, I know, that may not sound terrible, especially if you can’t wait for summer vacation, but I thin sometime we forget and take for granted the fact that here in the United States – everyone gets to go to school, even if they don’t really want to. In poor countries like Afghanistan, children often don’t get to go to school because their families need them to start work at an early age. And you know what’s even worse – a lot of time, families won’t send their daughters to school at all – only their sons, because they don’t think girls need to be able to read and write. How terrible is that!

Even though some textbooks were printed and distributed to schools — some of which are held in tents, it turns out the books are poorly made – they keep falling apart, and sometimes the pages are printed upside down. Over 45 million text books were supposed to be delivered to schools in Afghanistan, paid for with money donated by the United Nations and agencies from the United States and Denmark. But it tool a long time to write the textbooks, then to publish them and somewhere, along the way, fewer textbooks than expected were printed and delivered. Hmm – something smells fishy to me. Some people think that the money that was given to make and print textbooks went missing along the way – and into other people’s pockets. This is a form of corruption – when money meant for one purpose is diverted (or stolen) by government officials and used for themselves. Again, how terrible it that I say!

Well no kid should go without an education – at least that’s what I think. So I am going to stay on this story until I figure out what happened. I’ll keep you posted. You can see more about it here .

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