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Hey everyone. Today, I went to rediscover the menu at my favorite Japanese restaurant. As you know, I’ve been inspired to try new things at local ethnic restaurants. Now I have decided to share them with you! I hope to inspire you to try new kinds of Japanese foods!

The first thing you must try is the most delicious dessert called mochi. It is basically a kind of ice cream dessert. Mochi is served as tiny balls made form ice cream and dough. The dough is typically made as rice dough, and completely encases the ice cream inside. They are completely delicious ice cream desserts that you can even pick up. Mochi comes in a variety of flavors such as strawberry and green tea.

Another Japanese menu item that is a hidden treasure is actually eel. I know it made sound weird, as I thought when I first heard it. I have always loved sushi, but avoided eel with all my power. I couldn’t even imagine trying it. However, there is a reason this aquatic animal is included in so many sushi dishes. The texture of eel is complimentary to the sticky rice and seaweed combination. Furthermore, the distinct taste of eel adds a depth of flavor to any roll. Usually, the eel is served on top of the roll over the rice. This is because then the eel is the first thing you taste, and therefore opening up your taste buds. Eel can be found in simple eel rolls, or as one of the many fish included in the traditional “rainbow” roll. Also, it can be served as a main entrée called “una don” which is grilled eel over rice.

The last traditionally Japanese dish I found worthwhile in trying was seaweed salad. I know a lot of people who are hooked on seaweed after trying it for the first time, and now I am one of those people! Seaweed salad is not slimy or dark or anything of adjectives you would think of at first. Rather, it is a vibrant green color and tastes so good. It is cooling and refreshing, but packs a lot of taste in very bite. Another benefit of eating seaweed salad besides the taste is the fact that seaweed is very healthy for you! It contains a lot of nutrients that cannot be found in other foods, so go ahead and your eat greens! (seaweed greens, that is)

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