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Ok girls, so usually I am not that beauty stuff, because hey, you know, beauty is only skin deep. However I did get a copy of Girl in Fix – Quick Beauty Solutions and thought is was kinda neat, especially because they gave me the scientific reason why a something would fix oily hair. And hey – you gals all I know, I love anything to do with science. And Girl in a Fix is a great book for several several reasons — it’s small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, it actually has QUICK and on-the-go fixes for daily problems, and it explains why they work. What else does a girl need?

Somer Flaherty and Jen Kollmer combined with Zest books to co-author this awesome guide. The book covers all the annoying problems you could have that could really ruin a good day. For example, it gives you solutions to issues such as oily hair, dark circles, split ends, rough cuticles, dry skin, and much more. What I personally liked best about the layout was that is gave you a quick fix to the aforementioned problem, and then told you why it worked. We all hear about those remedies from everything to face blemishes to dying hair, but I never try any of them because I trust that they work. Here, I get the scientific reason for why these home remedies work, which makes me understand the process. I also liked how the “fixes” the authors provide are money-saving as well. Especially in this economy, I need the make a big bang for my buck. Here’s an example of one of my favorite tips from the book, with some summarizing by me:

Problem: Split Ends
Solution: Take a few avocados, and mash them up in a bowl until it looks like a thick paste “or really good guacamole”. Rub the concoction into the hair, especially the ends. Leave on for 30 minutes, the shampoo and you’re done!
Why It Works: “Natural oils in avocado merge the split ends together and keep them glued in place through a few washes. This gives you a chance to postpone that haircut until you have a little extra cash flow.”

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