Adventurous Cuisine: Tantalizing Thai Food

When we go out to eat Thai food the usual dishes are ordered. These dishes include items such as Pad Thai, Beef or Chicken Satay, and some kind of fried rice. Although the terms Pad Thai and Satay may sound foreign, we know them as the traditional Thai noodle dish and meat grilled on a stick served with peanut sauce, respectively. But, Thai food can be much more interesting than noodles and rice. In fact, I often never even venture out into the menu at a Thai restaurant, since don’t understand most of the terms anyway.

Well, that changed. I decided to just go for it. Here are some of the dishes I think are worth a shot: Watercress with bean sauce, beef with bamboo shoots, and spicy coconut milk soup with chicken. Let’s start with the watercress. Watercress, when cut and prepared, has a refreshing bite. It’s a soft vegetable after cooked, but had a nice crunch to it when bitten. Also, watercress absorbs flavors really well so the sauce it is cooked in really envelopes the vegetable and gives it depth. Beef with bamboo shoots was also a nice surprise, because the tenderness of the beef contrasts so well with the texture of the bamboo shoots. The beef is soft and well seasoned, while the bamboo shoots are crunchy and mild. Spicy coconut milk soup is less about the texture and more about the flavor. This soup can get REALLY spicy, so make sure to ask for the level you can handle! The delicious coconut milk adds sweetness to the heat, and the vegetables in the broth, like mushrooms and bamboo shoots, add heartiness to the soup. With the addition of chicken, this soup is the perfect meal.

For dessert, make sure to try lychees in syrup, a traditional Thai fruit in its own juices. Lychees are sweet and delicious. They have a soft, fleshy texture and are white in color. They make the perfect refreshing end to any meal!

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