Book Review – The Subtle Knife

The Subtle Knife
The Subtle Knife
Hi Girls, it’s Rose here. I wanted to follow up with another post about some of more my favorite books, the second one in his Dark Materials trilogy. The brilliant author Philip Pullman continues his story from The Golden Compass with the second book of the trilogy titled The Subtle Knife. While the first installment of the series takes place in a completely foreign world with bizarre characters and places, The Subtle Knife begins right here in our very own world. It starts with the introduction of a new, vitally important character: Will Parry. Although Will is young, he has already encountered the trouble that surrounds making tough decisions. Having to protect his mother and search for his estranged father, Will leaves his home in Oxford in our world and ventures to find John Parry, his dad.

In the beginning of his travels, he discovers a colossal secret that had been in plain view of the world- an entrance to another one. In this other world, he crashes into the world we first became acquainted with in Book 1. Will gets caught up the frenzy of Dust, what it means, and why everyone is after it. He also quickly realizes why people from all worlds are willing to wage war on the strange particles.

Read further in the journey of Will and Lyra as they try to get to the answers everyone is looking for before the Magisterium, the governing body of Lyra’s world. Trust me, it’s a book I just couldn’t put down. Honestly, I thought the first book was good. It was thrilling and suspenseful, but ultimately just a really good book. After finishing this one in just two days (I could NOT put it down!), I realized this series is so much more than Young Adult fiction. It has a deeper meaning, all while keeping me highly interested. I can’t wait to finish the third book, and will let you know as soon as I do!

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