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Are you someone who finds herself constantly doodling in the columns on your notebook? Do you draw designs for the covers of your binders? I am totally one of those people. It’s GirlMogul Rose here, helping out Lily and Poppy with the “Living a better Life” section. I know they usually talk about maintaining physical wellness, but I had an idea about mental and emotional wellness that I wanted to share with you.

Art can be very therapeutic. A lot of people I know use it to deal with stress. But, we are not all Picassos. I love doodling and drawing, but couldn’t draw an accurate portrait of a person if my life depended on it! I was talking to my friend who does Bollywood dancing in school, and she told me that her mom and aunts all do henna, or “mendhi” in Hindi, for fun on the side. She said they put on for formal occasions like weddings, and sometimes just for fun. She knows how much I like to doodle and learn how to draw cool designs, so she let me come over her house and try the art form. Traditional henna is made from the eucalyptus plant, and looks like a thick, dark green paste. The artists use a pastry cone to pipe designs on hands, feet, and anywhere you want! They said they usually only do the hands and feet because that is where the color comes out the darkest because of the good circulation.

I tried and loved it! It was so much fun, and the design lasted in a dark brown/reddish color on my hand for almost 3 weeks! You can find real mendhi at Indian grocery stores, or by calling Henna artists in your area, who will often sell you a cone they make for around $4. They also books with traditional designs, which is what I used to copy from. Here are pictures of what I did on my left hand, with the henna still on it:

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