DIY Fashion: Make That Backpack ‘Haute Couture’!

Hey GirlMoguls! It’s Daisy, your Reluctant Fashionista. Every day when I wake up and go to school, I think about how boring my backpack is. There are several problems with backpacks. I have had mine for a long time, and since they can be expensive, there is no point in buying a new one if the one you have is in good condition. Another problem with backpacks is that unless you make a very good decision the first time you buy one, they often are bought in bright prints or colors, and don’t match what you’re wearing. I always see high school and college kids wearing one shoulder bags or totes. I love how stylish these bags are. BUT, the big problem with those is that they are just not functional! I’ve tried wearing one, but with all the books I have to carry, my shoulder is killing me by the end of the day. This can really take a toll on your body.

So, I have found a DIY solution to this problem! All you need are a few items:
1. A Backpack! I prefer a plain Jansport backpack, they go for about $19.99, and mine has lasted me years! I used my old plain beige one, but you can use any one you have or want to get!
2. Puffy fabric paint. I used the same exact tubes I used from the DIY graphic tee, which were dark purple and light purple with glitter. Again, if you have them great, if not, you can buy them for about $1.99 per tube a crafts store like A.C. Moore or Michael’s.
3. Optional: Rhinestones and glitter glue. I didn’t use these because one of fabric paints had a lot of glitter in it. However, if you want that extra wow just pick up some fabric glue that dries clear (about $4.99) and rhinestones in the color of your choice from the fabric store.
Here’s how you get that high fashion bag for school without wasting money or hurting your back:
1. Lay your backpack on some newspapers out flat.
2. With a pencil, lightly trace any design you want on your bag. For plain backpacks like mine, be creative! You can do a random design across the bag like I did, or print out an image you like, such like your favorite anime image, and trace it onto the bag with some thin tracing paper from the crafts store.
3. Once you’ve decided you like the design on the bag, get to drawing! Start with the the darkest fabric colors first, then work your way the lightest. Go on in this order to avoid staining the lighter colors. Also, make sure to leave the bag to dry for a bit before moving on the next color (about 30 minutes between colors should be fine).
4. After you finish with the fabric paint, put on a few drops (in a different places on the bag) and put on a rhinestone on each drop.
5. Let the bag sit overnight. By the morning, you’ll have an awesome and unique piece of art to wear to school that EVERYONE will be talking about. Enjoy!

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