Giveaway – Best Friend Bands

Hi Girls – we’re hosting our next contest here at GirlMogul Magazine – We’re giving away two Best Friends Bands friendship bracelet making kits by Alex Toys. Have fun and test out your crafty side with these cool (and simple kits). What do you need to do to win – post a comment below about why you like your best friend. Contest ends Saturday May 2nd – GO!!!

Posted by GirlMogul Lily


  1. says

    I love my best friend because I can tell her anything and she would die before she repeated it, we have shared our hopes dreams, cried over lost loves and laughed over crazy embarressing things we did and smiled over new loves. We knows more about me then anyone else in the world and if I need her, she is one phone call away and I know she will come running!

  2. Aly says

    I like my best friend because we can talk about anything & have so much fun doing things together.

  3. says

    love my best friend for all the crazy stuff that we’d do together, I wouldn’t have to “behave” myself in front of her, and neither would she. We’re not keeping secrets of each other and always willing to to tell, “You have a spinach/cheese/etc in your teeth” without humiliating the person. I think the best part about our friendship is we bring the best in each other, supports in time of need and the laugh we always share.

  4. katie k says

    I love my bff because no matter what happens she is always there for me as well as someone i can always trust and confide in.

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