Quote of the Day – Grow your life bu growing your Goldfish bowl

 Goldfish in a bowl.jpg


Why a goldfish in a bowl?  Because this morning I heard a piece from Dr. Robin Smith on Oprah and Friends on XM radio.  It was about the goldfish in a bowl. If you want your goldfish to grow bigger, then you need to go out an buy a bigger bowl.  And so to with your life – if you want your lie to grow bigger – that to have more of the good things (and not just money), like a healthy family, a successful career, happy relationships, then you need to grow your dreams and find a bigger goldfish bowl to swim in.  This goes along with the maxim "It’s better to soar with the eagles than scratch with the chickens." or "You are the company you keep."   Want a better quality of life?  Take a good look around you and determine if the company you keep is reflective of the life you want to live.  Plainly put – beware of hanging around with unmotivated, uninspired and unencouraging people – because they will drag you down with them.  Find motivated, happy, well balanced people to be with and watch the quality of your life take off.

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