What are the Obama Girls Up To – White House Round Up

Hi GirlMoguls – so here is the White House round up for the week – all the news that’s fit to print about our Favorite First Daughter’s Sasha and Malia. This week was one of times the White House gardens are open to the public, so the First Family hosted lots of curious visitors. We found out more details on what the Sasha and Malia’s backyard has – besides the new swing set. Complete with a hot tub, a pool, a tennis court, a fountain, the Kitchen garden, and a special Children’s Garden, with a little fish pond and cement handprints of past presidential children and grandchildren, the place sounds pretty awesome to us.

Sleepovers –
The Obama girls have already made enough friends to host sleepovers at the White House. The girls and their friends sometimes sleep in their bedrooms, but often like to flake out in front of the TV – probably just like you do

Bo the puppy –
Bo the puppy is bouncy, bouncy. The 6 month old Bo, the Portuguese water do g puppy that just joined Malia and Sasha is super busy and likes to stay up late, playing with his ball, barking to himself and generally having a good time. He also likes to chew on people’s toes!

Food – Well, we heard that the girls’ mother, Mrs. Obama likes to “sneak out” of the White House to go to restaurants in DC. But she also said that the food in the White House is pretty good and she doesn’t mind not having to cook. Perhaps Malia and Sasha miss their Mom’s home cooking – but maybe not – how cool would be to be able to order a grilled cheese and some fries at any time!

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