Giveaway – I Can be a Chef Kit

Encourage your girl’s culinary aspirations woth the I Can Be A Chef apron & cooking set.Does your daughter dream of being the next Rachel Ray or Top Chef? Is there a secret family recipe she’s just sure will be a best seller – or at least be the yummiest cookie on the block? After all, all Debbie Fields started with a cookie recipe and cart. Let your little cheff will experience the joy of cooking and baking right along with you. Coordinating notebook includes food facts, safety tips, blank recipe cards, and much more. Great for imaginative play. Apron is youth-size, includes two pockets (one to hold the notebook, the other for young imaginations to fill). Ages 5-11.

GirlMogul Magazine is giving away 2 I Can Be a Chef Kit. For your chance to win, just post a comment about your favorite homemade food in the comments section below. Giveaway ends May 13th…

13 Replies to “Giveaway – I Can be a Chef Kit”

  1. My daughter and I love to make homemade cinnamon rolls. She loves to cook and could really use an apron.

  2. Eva enjoys creating “ingredients” and coming up with new ideas for baking. One of our favorite dinners is homemade pizza.

  3. Vegetarian Lasagna is my favorite homemade food!
    The “I Can Be a Chef” Kit is delightful.
    Please add my name to your fun giveaway drawing.
    All is appreciated…… Cindi

  4. My daughter and I love to cook dinners together. She really enjoys helping! I would love to give this to her! Thanks!

  5. I love cooking with both my mother and grandmother, my early childhood experience was all about the kitchen smelling like freshly made bread all the time. Now that I moved away with my husband, I kinda miss that smell and all the kitchen activity (I just make simple meals now, and there’re not much activities in the kitchen now that we’re both working). Our most challenging recipe was Chinese dumpling, we made and made and made until so many dumplings were created in 1 day!! We had to give away all those dumplings to our neighbors and relatives. We had enough of them and never make a dumpling ever since. 🙂

  6. My daughter loves to make strawberry cake with her grandma when she stays the night over at her grandma’s. It is so moist that you don’t even need icing on the cake. The whole family loves when they make their famous strawberry cake. My daughter feels so proud when she hears everyone praise their yummy cake.

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