White House Round Up

Hi GirlMoguls, It’s the White House Round Up for the week – satisfy your urge to know everything about our favorite White House residents, Malia, Sasha and Bo Obama – and their parents.

Bo the dog makes Beanie Baby debut- so the makers of Beanie Babies couldn’t get away with Sasha and Malia dolls, but it does look like they have gotten away with a new Beanie Baby – Bo the black and white dog. Ty, which makes Beanie Babies released the new Beanie Baby and it has been a best seller. A portion of the proceeds from sales of Bo are going to animal shelters.

President Obama – that would be Malia and Sasha’s dad, appears in a bathing suit and no top on the cover of Washington Magazine – hmm, while it’s cool and all that their dad is in good shape, we’re wondering how they REALLY feel about having the world see their dad ready for the beach…

The Obamas held a poetry jam at the White House on Tuesday night. The whole family got to enjoy a night of culture featuring music, poetry and the spoken along with actors and writers James Earl Jones, Michael Chabon and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Sasha and Malia woreblue jeans and (while MamaBama was all dressed up) got to stay up late to enjoy the show.

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